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What makes the Heineken bottle special?

The Heineken bottle is the most iconic beer bottle in the world. The combination of the green colour, the proud shoulders and the racetrack-shaped label with the black bar, plus the characteristic Heineken word mark and red star, make it the most recognised bottle in the world.

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Has the Heineken bottle always looked the same?

Although the key elements of the bottle have been in the design for over a century, their details have been refined over the years. Functional improvements, the subtle evolution of the brand and a desire to keep the bottle fresh and up to date are reasons to adjust the design from time to time. Usually, these are very small evolutionary steps to ensure the brand never loses its authenticity and timeless, classic character.

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Why is the Heineken bottle green?

Heineken was one of the very first brewers to export bottled beer. The quality was so good that while it was more expensive than local beers, people preferred the premium, imported product. To ensure consumers immediately saw the difference between the regular domestic beers and the premium quality Heineken, the bottle was made green instead of the usual brown.

Green was chosen because it radiates freshness, naturalness, purity and premium quality – just like the delicious, cold Heineken beer inside.

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Is the Heineken bottle the same worldwide?

In principle, yes. The basic structure is always the same but details may differ depending on the culture. For example, in certain countries consumers prefer larger sized bottles, and in some countries returnable bottles are preferred.

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How many bottles of Heineken beer are enjoyed worldwide every day?

Every day, over 1 million bottles of Heineken are enjoyed in over 170 countries. And that’s just bottles – Heineken also produces cans and draught beer.

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