What is the BeerTender?

The BeerTender – with a five-litre keg chilling inside – has been designed for you to serve your friends fresh, draught Heineken at home with one easy motion.

Can I cool my BeerTender keg in the freezer?

Cooling your BeerTender keg in the freezer may cause the keg to burst. Freezing the beer will also quickly reduce its quality, resulting in cloudy beer.

How long can I keep my keg once it’s in the BeerTender?

Once in the BeerTender, your keg will stay fresh for 30 days. If you take the keg out of the BeerTender, you can store it in your fridge for up to one week. You can store an unused keg for up to six months.

Can I switch kegs from the BeerTender?

Yes. If you want to take the keg out of your BeerTender, you can store it in your fridge for up to one week and put it back in the BeerTender when you’re ready to enjoy it.

How many beers can I tap from a BeerTender keg?

If you tap a good head and don’t waste too much beer, you can tap between 18 to 20 glasses from the BeerTender keg.

My BeerTender makes noises – is this normal?

The BeerTender has two important features that may cause noise: the cooling system that regularly checks the temperature of the keg, and the pressure system.

This cooling system has two levels:

1) Stand-by cooling. In this mode the fan noise is barely audible.

2) Active cooling occurs when the temperature of the cooling chamber and the keg is too high. Once the keg is cooled to the right temperature, the cooling sound should return to a minimum.

The BeerTender tap has a pump that holds the pressure in the keg constant to maintain the quality of the beer and to allow tapping.

There are three situations where the pump will work:

1) After you close the lid, it will pump pressure to the right level.

2) While you’re tapping the beer – with a full keg the pump will work immediately; in a relatively empty keg the pump will start later or not at all.

3) In stand-by mode. To maintain quality of the beer the pneumatic system keeps the pressure of the keg at the right level.

If you’re tapping a few glasses of beer from the keg per day, the pump will switch on and off briefly – usually around three or four times per day.