Catch the Kombis to Try Heineken 3

The Kombis will be at the venues below in QLD for 1 hour

FridayJan 12thRoyal Saxon3:00 pm
FridayJan 12thPlatform 284:00 pm
FridayJan 12thWoolshed Pub5:30 pm
SaturdayJan 13thCity Quarter Geelong4:00 pm
SaturdayJan 13thThe Edge Geelong5:30 pm
SundayJan 14thGeorge Hotel3:00 pm
SundayJan 14thBells Hotel4:00 pm
SundayJan 14thLimerick Arms6:00 pm
SundayJan 14thIddy Biddy Bar7:00 pm
FridayJan 19thClayton Hotel4:00 pm
FridayJan 19thThe Deck5:30 pm
SaturdayJan 20thBeach Hotel3:00 pm
SaturdayJan 20thIddy Biddy Bar4:30 pm
SaturdayJan 20thCommon Man6:00 pm
SundayJan 21thCity Quarter Geelong4:00 pm
SundayJan 21thThe Edge Geelong5:30 pm
ThursdayJan 25thBells Hotel4:30 pm
ThursdayJan 25thGeorge Hotel4:30 pm
ThursdayJan 25thBells Hotel5:30 pm
ThursdayJan 25thLimerick Arms7:00 pm
SaturdayJan 27thBeach Hotel3:00 pm
SaturdayJan 27thIddy Biddy Bar4:30 pm
SaturdayJan 27thCommon Man6:00 pm
SundayJan 28thRoyal Saxon4:00 pm
SundayJan 28thPlatform 285:30 pm
SundayJan 28thWoolshed Pub7:00 pm

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