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The promotion gives you a chance to try Heineken 3 for free. The coupon gives you 2 x free Heineken 3 (330ml bottles). You can only redeem 1 free drink per person, so make sure you bring a friend along to the venue you select.
Money Back Guarantee
Heineken 3
Where can I purchase Heineken 3?

You can buy Heineken 3 6-packs and 12-packs at all major bottle shops.

What information do you need from me for this promotion?

In addition to your personal details, including your BSB and bank account details, you’ll need to provide an uploaded image of your purchase receipt. Make sure the receipt has the relevant information displayed, including whether you purchased a 6-pack or 12-pack of Heineken 3, the price you paid for your Heineken 3, and date of purchase.

Why do you want to know why I don’t like Heineken 3?

We know that Heineken 3 is a great tasting beer. So, when people don’t like it, we’d like to hear why. Whatever the reason is that you don’t like our new beer, we think it’s worth our while to make the effort to understand your point of view.

How many times can I claim my money back on a purchase?

Only once per person.

Can I claim my money back on both a 6-pack and 12-pack?

You can claim your money back on only one purchase – either 6-pack or 12-pack. You cannot claim on more than one purchase item.

What if I paid more than the maximum amount?

I’m afraid, you will only receive the maximum amount specified for a 6-pack ($16) or 12-pack ($30). If you paid more that extra amount will not be refunded.

When can I claim?

Our Money Back Guarantee offer is valid for a limited time only. It is valid only for purchases of Heineken 3 between 23 January 2017 and 4 March 2017. You must claim between between 23 January 2017 and 4 April 2017. Claims or purchases outside that time frame won’t be covered.

Do I need to send the beer back to get my money?

No, you won’t need to return the beer you’ve purchased in any way.

Why do I need to give you my personal details?

In order to process the Money Back Guarantee we need to verify that you haven’t claimed a refund on a previous purchase. To do that, we’ll need your personal details. However, rest assured – your information will not be used for any other purpose, without your consent.

Where can I find my BSB and Account Number?

Please consult your bank for your bank details.

How do I upload my receipt?

If you’re on a mobile device, you’ll find it simple to upload a photo taken on your phone. If you’re on a laptop or another computer, likewise you can upload a photo, or choose to upload a scan of the imagine instead. Simply click ‘upload’, and navigate to where the photo or scan of your image has been saved.

What if I don’t have a receipt?

Claims are only valid if you provide an uploaded image of your purchase receipt. Make sure the receipt has the relevant information displayed, including whether you purchased a 6-pack or 12-pack of Heineken 3, the price you paid for your Heineken 3, and date of purchase which must be between 23 January 2017 and 4 March 2017.

Which products does this Money Back Guarantee apply to?

Heineken 3 6-packs purchased at $16 or less, or Heineken 3 12-packs purchased at $30 or less.

What if I paid more?

If you paid more for your 6-pack or 12-pack we will simply refunded you for the maximum amount of $16 or $30 respectively.

What happens once I’ve submitted my claim?

Once we’ve received your refund application, your claim will be reviewed to ensure that the information you’ve provided is accurate, that the receipt is legitimate, and that your claim meets our Terms and Conditions.

If your claim is not successful, we will endeavor to email you within 20 business days, after which you’ll be able to make another claim.

How long will it take for the money to get into my bank account?

We will endeavor to process your refund within 28 business days. However, the money may not appear in your account straight away. Please allow time for your bank to process the transaction.

What happens if I don’t receive my refund?

There are all sorts of things that could delay payment of your refund, so please be patient. However, if your money has not been placed in your bank account after 28 business days, please let us know by emailing us at

Can I give my refund to charity instead?

Thank you for asking. The answer is yes. We’ve made arrangements for your donation to be sent to a worthy Australian charity, if you so wish.

The McGrath Foundation makes life that little bit easier for families experiencing breast cancer. They support thousands of women and men every day, no matter where they live – for free.

Funds raised place specialist McGrath Breast Care Nurses in communities across Australia, and make breast health understanding a priority for everyone.

Will I receive a receipt for my donation to the McGrath Foundation?

Unfortunately, no – the logistics of providing a receipt for your charity donation would be costly and that would simply mean that the charity would benefit less from your generosity and goodwill.

Is my donation to the McGrath Foundation tax deductible?

Unfortunately, no – in this instance your donation would not be tax deductible as a receipt will not be provided.

What happens if I do not receive an email from you?

If you do not receive the refund in your bank account, or an email explaining that your claim was unsuccessful, feel free to let us know by emailing us at You’re also welcome to try to make your claim again.

What if I uploaded the wrong receipt?

To prevent fraudulent claims, we will need a valid receipt. Without one, your claim will be rejected. If you’ve made a mistake and uploaded the wrong receipt, or provided inaccurate details by mistake, please wait until the claim is processed and try again, within the promotion period.

What if the receipt does not contain the information required?

Please contact the bottle shop or outlet you bought the beer from and ask them if they can issue you with another receipt. Otherwise, you will not be able to ask for your money back.

Which browsers and devices does the site support?

The Heineken 3 Money Back Guarantee site supports the following browsers and devices:

    - Internet Explorer 10 and Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10
    - Latest version of Chrome on Windows 10 as of 11 January 2017
    - Latest version of Firefox on Windows 10 as of 11 January 2017
    - Latest version of Safari on on Mac OS X Sierra as of 11 January 2017
    - Latest version of Safari on iPhone 6 as of 11 January 2017
    - Latest version of Chrome on Samsung Galaxy S6 as of 11 January 2017


Heineken 3
What is Heineken 3?

Heineken 3 is great tasting lower calorie lager. With just 87 calories and 3.3% ABV, it’s perfect for chilled out occasions with your mates where anything can happen – but nothing needs to. Think unhurried summer afternoons, or a relaxed BBQ with friends.

How many calories in each bottle?

26 calories per 100mls - that’s 38% less than full-strength Heineken.

How many carbs in each bottle?

1.8gm of carbs per 100 mls - that’s 44% less than full-strength Heineken.

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