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Now you can game using Green Energy* and saveon your electricity bill.

After helping out bars, Heineken has partnered with energy distributors to help other social places: games. Free of charge, you can receive our green energy at home and cut down your electricity bill by up to 20%. Cheers! 

*Green energy = renewable energy.

3 Beerpower Pt

No installation, no fidelity bond, no cost. And 100% online.

Every gamer PC uses a bunch of power. But now you can play even more and pay less at the end of the month. Just subscribe to get up to 20% discount on your energy bill, based on your location. No cost or fidelity bond. If you need to cancel it for any reason, there are no penalty fees and you will continue receiving energy from your distributor as you do today.

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To play with green energy, the first step is to register.

Register your home

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer renewable and cheaper energy through sustainable plants, built
and operated by our partner generators, and we contact the local
distributor, informing them that the energy must be credited to your bill.
Low voltage bars (without a dedicated transformer), with a minimum
average bill according to your region (consult our call center).
Currently, bars in Minas Gerais, Goiás, Paraná, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande
do Sul, Federal District of Brasília, and São Paulo (Inland and Coastal - CPFL
Companhia Piratininga de Força e Luz [Piratininga Company of Light and
Energy] (CPFL)) may request membership in the program. The service
should be available in other states between the second half of 2022 and the
first half of 2023. Until then, owners can pre-register on the project's
website to see when it will arrive in their cities.
Access to the Beer Power discount must always be in the name of the bill
holder. If the bill is in the name of a third party that does not want to sign
adhesion to the scheme, the bill must be changed to yourself or your legal
entity. Just to check, you should consult our call center.
No. Your business will continue to be served by the local distributor, which is
technically responsible for delivering energy. We will generate credits that
will be deducted from your establishment's energy bill. If the credits are not
generated, the distributor continues delivering and charging normally for
the energy consumed, without the discount being applied.
It will be via a payment slip with due payment date to be agreed. You will be
billed monthly for the credits, with a discount in relation to the local
distributor's rate. In addition to the bill, you will continue to receive the
invoice from the local distributor with the mandatory fees and fixed cost
charges and only what you consume in excess.
  • Energy injected into the system (your credits), that produced by the
    distributed generation.
  • Electrical energy is your usual consumption of energy supplied by the
    distributor, as is your current case.
  • Availability cost is the minimum cost of the invoice, even if you don't
    consume anything.
  • Contribution to public lighting is everyone's obligation and does not depend
    on you generating your own energy.
  • The residual value of the bill is the difference between what your bar
    consumes and what you produce plus fees and mandatory charges.
  • In addition to the distributor's bill, you will receive a bill including this
    discount, with a total amount less than the original bill.
Between 60 and 90 days after joining, depending on the commercial
conditions in your region. In the event of pending issues, such as change of
ownership or settlement of overdue amounts, this period may increase.
No. Cancellation is free of charge, with minimum notice, depending on your
region. This prior notice is only required due to the minimum period
necessary to carry out the disconnection after notification of the wish to terminate, depending on the standard procedures of the local distributor.
Consult our call center for information about the deadlines of the local
Has your bar changed address? No problem. You will be able to continue
benefiting from the discount in your new location as long as the minimum
consumption for the region's distributor is met. Just notify us in advance.
Nothing. The bill remains in your ownership (personal or legal entity), and
we do not need to install anything at the establishment. Membership is
100% online.