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Be The 12th Woman

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Be The 12th Woman

One passion, one tournament and one subtle name change to a familiar football phrase that is being substituted by Heineken®


The UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 ™ is just around the corner and Heineken is launching its tournament campaign – the 12th Woman. It’s a twist on the term usually associated with collective, passionate fan support: the 12th man.


The 12th Woman is a positive call to arms that encourages fans of all genders to show their passion for women’s football and get behind their team for the UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 ™. To show their support, fans can buy “I am the 12th Woman” T-shirts from Amazon, with 100% of profits going to Women in Football  (https://www.womeninfootball.co.uk/)


As well as celebrating the UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 ™ tournament and bringing football fans together, the 12th Woman shines a light on bias and challenges stereotypes in everyday football culture. While the profile of the women’s game has risen in recent years, so much of the language and terminology surrounding it still lags behind. Phrases like ‘man on’, ‘man marking’ and of course, the 12th man continue to dominate.