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The Magic of Heineken®

If our beer was the only thing that refreshed you, we feel we wouldn’t be doing our job. We hope we can share a little good taste with you beyond the malted barley, hops, water and A-yeast®. If the work we do, makes you smile and refreshes you, then we will be assured. Cheers to campaigns that are (almost) as refreshing as the beer they’re talking about.

Our history

Becoming the world's leading premium lager

The rich taste of Heineken® is founded on an even richer history. A true original since 1873 and we are still focused on brewing the finest malt lager in the world.

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Ice-cold Heineken® and friends.

The thrill of a UEFA kick-off. The adrenaline of an F1 final. The world’s most famous secret agent doing his thing.

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