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The Closer

Congratulations, you got your hands on The Closer: a bottle opener that automatically closes your work. Here’s a guide on how to use this work-life balancing device.

Set up

Activate: The Closer is shipped in sleep mode to conserve battery. Activate it by using The Closer to open a beer. It can now be paired with your computer. Pair: The Closer is motion sensitive. Pick up The Closer to make it discoverable and select “The Closer” in your computer’s Bluetooth settings. The Closer works best when only connected to one device at a time. Use: When you’re thirsty for work-life balance, open a beer with The Closer. It will automatically close your work by putting your computer to sleep. Cheers.

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It works best when it’s connected and paired to one device at a time. Before using your Closer on another device, we recommend to “forget” it from the original device first.

Regular use should last around 6 months. The Closer is motion sensitive, so moving it around a lot or traveling with it will drain the battery faster.

You can put The Closer back in sleep mode by holding a coin to the opening part of the opener for 10 seconds. You’ll know if the device is in sleep mode if your computer can no longer detect it. To wake it up again, just open a beer.

You can continue to use The Closer as a regular bottle opener: All the bottle opening, none of the technology! Or you can replace the battery and give your Closer a second life. To replace the battery, use a crosshead screwdriver to unfasten the 6 screws on the back. Open the device and use a small flathead screwdriver to remove the battery. Replace it with a CR2032 3V Lithium coin cell. Then just screw it back together and the device will help you close your work again.

You can just close the window. No need to set anything up. As long as it is paired to your computer, The Closer will work.

Stay tuned 😎. Future versions of The Closer may have this feature.

While unlikely, this sounds like a great opportunity to enjoy the life part of work-life balance.

First, make sure The Closer is out of sleep mode by opening a beer. If it still isn’t working, then pick up the device to make it discoverable. The Closer is motion sensitive and is only discoverable a few seconds after moving it. If you already connected The Closer to a computer and a new computer can’t find it, “forget” The Closer from the original device before connecting or pairing to the second one.
Unfortunately, we have received reports of users encountering Bluetooth connectivity issues on Windows computers (damn you, Bill). Even though the beer opening is detected, it is not received by their Windows computer consistently. Some early prototype testers may experience this. It works very well with Mac, so if possible The Closer should always be used with a Mac OS. If Windows is the only option, please use the dialogue box below and respond with a) the brand of your computer, b) the operating system (OS) version of your computer, and c) the approximate date when you received The Closer. Tech support will respond ASAP to take you through a few troubleshooting methods or replacement of your device. 
Like every cutting-edge technology, The Closer is still in the prototype version. But bare with us. There might be a solution just around the corner. Here are some troubleshooting tips:
  1. Is The Closer connected? Make sure your device is connected via Bluetooth to your computer. The device's name is "The Closer”. 
  2. Are you connected to multiple devices? The Closer works better when connected to only one computer. Please make sure you disconnect from any other devices. 
  3. Is The Closer close enough(pun intended) to the computer? Please confirm if the device is within 50cm of your computer. 
  4. How thirsty are you for work-life balance? The device has a motion sensor that needs to be activated. Please make sure you open your beer like your end of work depends on it.
Are you still experiencing problems?  In the dialogue box below, please respond with a) the brand of your computer, b) the operating system (OS) version of your computer, and c) the approximate date when you received The Closer, and we will respond ASAP to take you through a few troubleshooting methods.
Yes, we don’t want you to lose any minute of work-life balance.  User’s who still have an issue after troubleshooting can contact support in the dialogue box below and if no solution is quickly found, a replacement will be returned to them ASAP. The replacement(s) will be delivered to the return name and address provided so please double-check to make sure everything is 100% accurate. For Europe, please include a V.A.T. number.

If you have more questions on how to use The Closer please complete the form below.

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