Introducing new Heineken® 0.0%, our non-alcoholic lager with world-class taste, brewed by beer lovers for beer lovers. A perfect choice for those who want a night out without alcohol but don’t want to compromise on taste.


Brewing a great-tasting, alcohol-free beer - is it even possible?

Our master brewers started from zero and spent years exploring, brewing, and tasting before they finally created a non-alcoholic lager defined by its refreshing fruity notes and soft malty body - in other words, perfectly balanced. It's a beer that deserves the Heineken® mark. And, of course, it bears the Heineken® characteristics that have never been compromised since 1873; all natural ingredients and Heineken®'s unique A-Yeast.

It wasn't easy but not impossible.


Heineken® 0.0% is twice brewed and fermented with Heineken®'s unique A-yeast from natural ingredients with gentle alcohol removal and blending to achieve a fruity flavour and slight malty notes.

Step 1

We start with natural beer ingredients: water, barley, malt, hop extract.

Step 2

Twice brewed and fermented with Heineken®'s unique A-yeast.

Step 3

We gently remove the alcohol in a natural process, creating a beer without alcohol.

Step 4

The beer is then blended by the brew master to achieve a fruity flavour with slight malty notes.

Step 5

The new alcohol free Heineken® is finally born.

The new beer with great taste and zero alcohol, is here! Introducing Heineken® 0.0%. Now You Can.

frequently asked questions

Heineken® 0.0%
What does Heineken® 0.0% taste like?
Heineken® 0.0% has a perfectly balanced taste with refreshing fruity notes and soft malty body. While Heineken® 0.0% does taste different to regular Heineken®, we use the same quality ingredients (water, malted barley, hops and A-yeast).
Where is Heineken® 0.0% brewed?
Heineken® 0.0% is brewed in the Netherlands using only natural ingredients.
Is Heineken® 0.0% suitable for consumers under the legal drinking age?
Although the product does not contain alcohol, our products are always aimed at those above legal drinking age.
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