Discover H41 wild lager by Heineken®

H41 is a limited edition lager created by Heineken® Master Brewers, made from a rare wild yeast discovered in Patagonia in 2010. This yeast is the ‘’mother yeast’’ of all the lager yeasts, including the unique Heineken® A-yeast. It was discovered by Dr Diego Libkind at the coordinates 41° South and 71° West in Patagonia, hence the name H41. H41 demonstrates our desire to explore new recipes, taking lager where it has never been before. For Heineken®, H41 is not only a new beer, but also the beginning of a new journey into a totally new beer style; wild lager.


Dr Libkind’s exceptional discovery, published in 2011, generated an added enthusiasm and drive for experimentation at Heineken®. Master brewer Willem van Waesberghe, supervisor of the H41 team, did not hesitate and immediately put himself to the test with the soul of the beer: the yeast. Changing the yeast opened up a new world of possibilities, creating a spectrum of different tastes.  Willem van Waesberghe, has never hidden his enthusiasm concerning the extraordinary discovery of the wild yeast in Patagonia. “When the ‘mother’ of our A-yeast was discovered in Patagonia, it presented us with a unique opportunity. Thanks to our vast experience with yeast, Heineken® master brewers immediately started to create the first Wild Lager by Heineken®.” Taming such a wild yeast was not simple at all. It took over two years and a team of 50 people.


H41 Wild Lager offers a unique taste; the missing link between the typical profile of lager and speciality beers. As H41 Wild Lager is brewed with a wild yeast from Patagonia, it is more full bodied than regular lagers with a complex but clean, crisp and accessible taste. You will also notice spicy notes, balanced by subtle hints of fruit.

H41 Wild Lager By Heineken® is available for you now to discover in selected outlets in Dublin.

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