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HFL Inner


• All participants to register in teams of two within the deadline specified.
• Once registered, you will receive an email with your unique registration number. Please carry this number with you at all times, as it will serve as the unique ID by which your team would be recognized.
• All registered teams will be assigned to a preliminary round venue. Our concierge would contact you to confirm the same.
• The game will be played in ‘knock-out’ format.
• The winners and runners up from each game will head to the City Finals.
• The format for the City Finals and National Finals will be a combination of ‘round-robin’ & ‘knock-out’ format.
• The winners of the City Finals will represent their city in The National Finals of the Heineken Foosball League 2016, and stand a chance to win the Grand Prize as Champions of The Heineken Foosball League.

• If the respective teams are not present at the Foosball arena 5 minutes before the game begins, the opponent will be given a walk-over.
• Flip A Coin - A coin flip by the match referee decides who serves the foosball to start the foosball game.
• Game duration (Preliminary round) – 4 minutes per game, players switch sides at half-time.
• Game duration (City Finals & Grand Final 2014) – 5 minutes per game, players switch sides at half-time.
• 30 seconds before half-time, there will be a short whistle to warn players. At half-time there will be a long whistle, post which the players change sides immediately.
• The team that scores the highest number of goals will be declared winners of the game.
• In case of a tie, teams will be given additional time of 90 seconds. The team that has the highest number of goals at the end of 90 seconds will be declared winners.
• If a team scores the goal, the serve goes to the other team. This rule keeps the foosball game fair for both opponents.
• The foosball must be touched by a foosball man before the ball goes into a goal for a legal goal to occur.
• No Spinning - A spin is a rule for when the rod completes a 360 degree rotation. In this case, the referee re-serves.
• Teams may request for a 30-second timeout to wipe hands, or discuss strategy. A maximum of one timeout is allowed per game.
• Players cannot reach into the table for the ball while it is in play.
• Dead Ball - If a foosball stops in the middle of two opposing team rods and is out of reach for both teams for more than 10 seconds, the ball must be picked up and re-served (by the referee).
• Out of Play - If a ball comes off the table area or hits a top rail and comes back into the table area, the ball is ruled out of play and must be re-served by the referee.
• Re-serve if a player touches the opponent’s rod.
• The decision of the referee with respect to any aspect of the game is final and binding. Further discussions & arguments with the referee’s decision will not be entertained.

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