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Since 1873, everything Heineken® does, it does to brew that refreshing first sip

Discover the secret behind Heineken®s refreshing first sip

Heineken® Celebrates Brewing Craftsmanship with New ‘Making a Star’ Global Campaign. As 1 in 3 people choose a beer as their first drink to start the night, and people love that first sip of Heineken® after a long day, Heineken®’s latest global TVC explores the pioneering brewing techniques that have enabled the brand to bring consumers that refreshing first-sip-feeling since 1873. The TVC brings to life Heineken®’s five core brewing principles that ensure every bottle tastes as good as it should, which are also represented by the five points in the iconic red star, the brand’s world-famous logo. These include Heineken®’s famous A-yeast, quality pure malt, 100% natural ingredients, an innovative horizontal brewing method, and Heineken®’s expert Star Brewers – a title that takes 10 years to attain. The film shows revelers on a night out in reverse, tracing their steps back to the first sip of Heineken®. Simultaneously, viewers are shown shots from within a Heineken® brewery, showcasing the behind-the-scenes process that goes into crafting that perfect first sip moment.

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First Sip