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Heineken® Green Identity Amsterdam Trip "Outlet" Terms & Conditions

  1. The Contest (the "Contest") will be governed by these standard terms and conditions (the "Terms of Use"). Each participant agrees that he / she has read and understood these Terms of Use and by participating in the Contest, each participant will be deemed to have read, understood and agreed to each of the terms and conditions appearing herein in the Terms of Use.
  2. The Contest is offered by Heineken Marketing Malaysia Sdn Bhd. (the "Organiser").
  3. These Terms of Use apply to the legal relationship between the Organiser and a participant in the Contest.
  4. The laws of Malaysia shall govern the Contest and these Terms of Use. All disputes arising in connection with the Contest and these Terms of Use, including but not limited to disputes concerning the existence and validity thereof, shall be resolved by the competent courts of Malaysia and by participating in the Contest the participants hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Malaysia. However, it shall be the sole responsibility and obligation of each participant to ensure that he / she complies and do not contravene any laws to which he / she may be personally subjected to.
  5. A failure by the Organiser to enforce any of these rules in any instance(s) will not give rise to any claim by any other person.
  6. To participate in the Contest, participants will need to provide their personal details for competition judgement and prize fulfilment purposes, as well as marketing and promotional purposes in connection with this Contest. All participants must ensure the details provided are true, accurate, current and complete. The Organiser reserves the right to verify the eligibility of all participants.
  7. The Contest will be held during the Contest Period as set out in this Terms of Use. The Organiser reserves the right to vary, postpone or re-schedule the dates of the Contest or extend the Contest Period at its sole discretion.
  8. The Organiser shall have the right to, at its sole discretion, at any time and without prior notification, change or discontinue any aspect of the Contest and to change, amend, delete or modify the Terms of Use and other rules and regulations including the mechanism of the Contest, or any part thereof. Such changes shall be effective immediately upon posting of the modified Terms of Use on the relevant Heineken Facebook page at If a participant does not agree to abide by these or any future Terms of Use, do not (continue to) participate in the Contest. Participants are advised to revisit the Heineken Facebook page and regularly read the Terms of Use on a regular basis for possible changes as, by the participant's continued participation in the Contest, the participant indicates that the participant accepts any such modified terms.
  9. The Organiser may terminate or suspend the Contest at any time at its absolute discretion in which case, the Organiser may elect not to award any prize. Such termination or suspension will not give rise to any claim by the participants. If the Contest is resumed by the Organiser, the participant shall abide by the Organiser's decision regarding resumption of the Contest and disposition of the prizes.
  10. Any dispute or situation not covered by these Terms of Use will be resolved by the management of the Organiser in a manner it reasonably deems to be fairest to all concerned. That decision shall be final and / or binding on all participants. No correspondence will be entered into.
  11. If these Terms of Use are translated into a language other than English, the English version of the Terms of Use shall prevail in the event of any inconsistency.
  12. Participants to this Contest are deemed to be unconditionally accepting the terms and conditions of this Contest. A failure to adhere to these terms and conditions will result in disqualification from the Contest and forfeiture of the prize(s).
  1. The Contest will last from 1st July 2017 until 31st July 2017. The Contest is only available on
  2. The Contest is open ONLY to non-Muslim individuals who reside in Malaysia aged 18 and over (as at the date of participation in the Contest and proof of age will be required), who are not Ineligible Persons and who are lawfully permitted to consume alcoholic beverages. No syndicates or groups will be allowed to participate.
  3. The following categories of persons are not eligible and excluded from participation in the Contest:
    • Persons employed by, or working for, the Organiser including its affiliated and related companies and their immediate family members (children, parents, brothers and sisters, including spouses) in any capacity;
    • Representatives, employees, servants and / or agents of advertising and / or promotion service providers of the Organiser including its affiliated and related companies, and their immediate family members (children, parents, brothers and sisters including spouses);
    • Persons working for third party companies that are involved in the organisation or execution of the Contest.
  4. The Contest is only open to entry from non-Muslim individuals who reside in Malaysia & aged 18 years and over (proof of age will be required). No syndicates or groups will be allowed to participate.

    (Each such person shall be referred to as an "Ineligible Person" and collectively referred to as "Ineligible Persons" in these Terms of Use).

Contest mechanics
1. Brief Description of Contest Heineken Green Identity Amsterdam Trip “Outlet” Contest is organized with the intention to reward Non-Muslim Malaysians above the age of 18 who have participated in the digital and on ground contest.
2. Brief mechanism of Contest and selection of winners
  1. Participants may participate with a purchase of any bucket of Heineken* or 5 glasses of Heineken during the Contest Period. The proof of purchase for each entry is the Scratch Card which contains a Unique Code.
    *Applicable to 330ml pints and 325ml bottles only
  2. One [1] Scratch Card is entitled forone (1)entry only. Each Scratch Card can only be usedonce. Subsequent entries received with the same Unique Code will be disqualified and only the first entry submitted will be qualified.
  3. The method of participation in the Contest which is via Short Messaging Service ["SMS"].
  4. To participate via SMS, you must submit your entry from any locally registered mobile number to 39993. Each submission sent must be complete with the Keyword & Unique Code.
    For example:
    HEINEKEN<space>Unique Code and send to 39993.
  5. Incomplete and inaccurate entries with incorrect Unique Code details will be disqualified.
  6. Participants MUST either keep the original Scratch Card or snap a photo of it for winner verification purposes and prize redemption. Failure to do so will result in disqualification and forfeiture of prize won.
  7. This SMS contest is only available to Digi, Maxis, Celcom, U Mobile or XOX subscribers.
  8. The Organizer does not charge for Contest entries submitted by the Participants, but standard operator telco charges and GST shall apply.
  9. The Participants must adhere to the mechanism of the Contest as may be notified or communicated by the Organizer during the Contest Period.
3. Contest Period The Contest shall be held from 1 July 2017 (12am Malaysian Time) and will close on 31 July 2017 (11.59pm Malaysian Time) or such other time that the Organizer deems fit. The Organizer reserves the right to vary, withdraw or re-schedule the Contest Period or any dates thereof at its sole discretion.
4. Participating Outlets Please email for a full list of participating outlets.
5. Selection of Winners Winner selection criteria:
  1. Every entry ending with 7 will be pooled in a shortlisted group. E.g. 7th, 17th, 27th, 37th, etc.
  2. Total number of entries in the shortlisted group will then be divided into 5 groups. Example: 1,500/5 = 300 per group. The 7th entry in the respective groups shall be the winner. In the event that this entry is unreachable (3 attempts with 15 minutes interval) or disqualified, the 17th, 27th 37th... entry in that group will be the next qualifier.
  3. Organizer will then contact the selected participants to answer simple question(s).
  4. The first 5 participants with the correct answer(s) & successfully send us the photo/email of the scratch card with the unique code by 5pm (Malaysian Time) the following day, will be the official winner.
  5. Upon verifying the photo/email that we receive, organizer will call the winners again to congratulate them & advise on the prize collection or to be sent by courier(for winners residing outside of Kuala Lumpur & Selangor) at the organizer's discretion
6. Prizes
  1. There is five (5) prize throughout the Contest Period.
  2. The Prizes:
    All expense paid trip to Amsterdam to visit the Heineken Brewery. The final location will be announced by the Organizer.
    This prize trip is for two (2) persons who must both be 18 and above, non-muslim
    • Return economy class airfares for two (2) from Kuala Lumpur to Greece with airport transfers
    • Meals as per itinerary included for two (2) people for three (3) days
    • Two (2) night's hotel accommodation based on shared double room
  3. The travel period will be informed by the Organizer.
  4. The organizer reserves the right to substitute any one of the prize(s) with items of equivalent value at any time without prior notice.
  5. All Prizes are accepted entirely at the risk of the Participant Prizes and are awarded by the Organizer and/or sponsors without any warranty of any kind express or implied. The Participant shall execute a deed of release and indemnity in a form prescribed by the Organizer, if so required, in order to receive the Prize.
  6. Holiday Prizes
    • 6.1 If the Prizes awarded by the Organizer are travel/holiday prizes ("Holiday Prizes"):-
    • 6.1.1 Holiday Prizes must be taken in accordance with the dates and destinations specified by the Organizer, its travel agencies or sponsors failing which it shall be forfeited. No cash alternative or alternative destination will be offered by the Organizer, its agents or sponsor.
    • 6.1.2 Holiday Prizes must be taken in accordance with terms and conditions as may be set by the Organizer, travel agencies or sponsor including (without limitation) the following:- (i) the terms and conditions respective airlines/carrier; (ii) the terms and limitations of any insurance policy relating to the Holiday Prize; (iii) the terms and conditions in connection all health and safety guidelines and instructions and all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
    • 6.1.3 Winners must hold a valid passport with at least six (6) months' validity period. It shall be the responsibility of winners to obtain the necessary visa and other travel documents at their sole cost and expense. No compensation whatsoever will be given should the winner fail to obtain such documents, regardless of the circumstances.
    • 6.1.4 It shall be the responsibility of winners to obtain the necessary visa and other travel documents (if so required) at their sole cost and expense. Passport control and in-country authorities reserve the right to refuse entry. If the winner of a Holiday Prize is refused passage, entry or exit to or from the country being visited, the Organizer will not be responsible in any way to compensate the winner for such refusal of passage, entry or exit and any additional costs incurred will be at the sole cost and responsibility of the Winner.
    • 6.1.5 In the event of unforeseen circumstances or circumstances outside the reasonable control of the Organizer and/or the sponsor, the Organizer and/or sponsor reserves the right to offer alternative destination of approximately similar value. No cash alternative will be offered.
    • 6.1.6 Any flights, other transport, airport details, accommodation or other aspects of the Holiday Prize, dates and times quoted by the Organizer, its agencies, sponsors or representatives are for guidance only and are subject to change without notice with no liability arising.
    • 6.1.7 Unless otherwise specified, the class of travel for any Holiday Prize incorporating an airfare is economy class and twin sharing accommodation.
    • 6.1.8 Holiday prize winner must have sufficient financial resources to meet any financial commitment which they may incur in connection with the travel prize (including, without limitation, transfers to and from any airport specified in the travel prize, meals and drinks, room services, laundry, excess baggage, personal, medical and/or baggage insurance, all items of personal nature, custom tax and airport tax) beyond those included in the travel prize itself.
7. Notification, Verification and Interview of Winners NOTIFICATION
  1. Winners will be contacted either via the email address or phone call with the details provided by the contestant to Heineken Marketing Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. ("Heineken®") by Heineken Marketing Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. ("Heineken®"), its agencies, affiliates or its representatives. Winners will need to provide full details (name, I.C. no, mobile phone no., address and other details if necessary) for prize fulfilment purposes. The participant is to ensure that the data that the participant provides to Heineken Marketing Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.("Heineken®") are true, accurate, current and complete.
  2. Each winner is only allowed to win one (1) prize from the Contest. The selection of the five (5) winners will be done after the contest period is over at 6.00pm on 1 August 2017.
  3. The winners will be contacted (up to 3 attempts will be made) via telephone. If the winner is not available, the Organiser will proceed to contact the next eligible winner. Winners will be informed of their win and they will be advised by the Organiser as to the verification process and how to redeem their prizes thereafter.

To verify and redeem the prize upon notification, the winner must be able to submit a photocopy of IC to the Organizer and it's appointed ID company which must be an exact match as the details submitted via

Upon verification and confirmation of details, the Contest Winners will be contacted by telephone by the Organizer's appointed ID company.
8. Collection Period by Winner
  1. Within one [1] month from initial notification by the Organizer, Prizes not collected within the stipulated period will be forfeited.
  2. Once the winner has been verified and confirmed, he/she will be contacted by Heineken's appointed ID company with instructions and consent documents.
  3. The winner must sign and send back a copy of all the consent documents together with the original receipt as proof of purchase and a scanned copy of NRIC for verification purposes to the Organiser. By participating in the Contest, the participants grant the Organiser the permission to publicise, broadcast or otherwise disclose his or her name, character, likeness, statements or any promotional activities in any and all media concerning the winning of the Contest, or contests generally held by the Organiser at any time and from time to time. The Organiser may promote or advertise that a particular winner won the Contest. All participants and/or winners hereby agree and consent to the use of his/her name for the purpose of advertising, trade or promotion by the Organiser without any additional compensation, notification and/or permission.
  4. All consent documents must be returned to the Organiser within the advised date by the Organiser's appointed ID company.
  5. The Organiser reserves the right to disqualify and remove any participants from the contest without prior notification or disclosure of information should the participants be suspected of tampering with their entries or breach the Terms and Conditions of the Contest.
  6. The Organiser reserves the right to forfeit the prize if the winner fails to respond by the date and time agreed by the winner and the Organiser's appointed ID company.
  7. The Organiser reserves the right to ignore requests from winners during the Contest period which are deemed by the Organiser to be unreasonable.



These terms and conditions of use ("Terms of Use") apply to all visits to and all use of this website of Heineken Malaysia ("Heineken"), as well as to all information, recommendations and/or services provided to you on or through this website (the "Information").

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In respect of the personal data collected from our brand website, it is obligatory that you supply us your name, date of birth, contact details, any information that you enter on forms and any personal data included in content you upload on the site. If you choose not to provide us the compulsory personal data, we may not be able to process your personal data for any of the Purposes.

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You are responsible for ensuring that the personal data we collect is accurate, complete, not misleading and kept up to date.

This Notice shall be drafted in English as well as in Bahasa Malaysia. In the event of any inconsistency between the English version and the Bahasa Malaysia version of this notice, the English version shall prevail over the Bahasa Malaysia version.


Dasar ini berfungsi sebagai notis bertulis ("Notis") seperti yang ditetapkan di bawah Akta Perlindungan Data Peribadi 2010 (selepas ini dirujuk sebagai "Akta"), untuk memaklumkan bahawa data peribadi anda sedang diproses oleh atau bagi pihak Heineken Marketing Malaysia Sdn Bhd ("HMMSB", "kami", "kita" atau "kita"). Bagi maksud Notis ini, terma "data peribadi", "data peribadi sensitif" dan "pemprosesan" hendaklah mempunyai erti yang ditetapkan dalam Akta.

Kami sedang mengumpul dan selanjutnya memproses data peribadi yang anda pilih untuk dikongsi di Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, dan laman-laman media sosial lain, termasuk laman web jenama kami (secara kolektif, “Laman-Laman Media Sosial”). Data peribadi yang telah dikumpulkan dan selanjutnya diproses oleh kami mungkin berbeza di antara individu-individu bergantung kepada ketetapan privasi dan keselamatan yang sedia ada pada akaun anda pada Laman-Laman Media Sosial yang berkaitan. Untuk maklumat lanjut tentang pilihan-pilihan dan cara-cara untuk mengehadkan data peribadi yang diproses oleh Laman-Laman Media Sosial, sila layari halaman polisi privasi Laman-Laman Media Sosial berkenaan.

Kami akan memproses data peribadi anda, termasuk apa-apa maklumat tambahan yang anda mungkin kemudiannya berikan kepada kami, bagi maksud menghubungi atau berkomunikasi dengan anda, mengiklankan perkhidmatan, produk, aktiviti, acara khas atau tawaran kami atau pihak ketiga, untuk menjawab pos, penyerahan, komen, permintaan, pertanyaan atau aduan daripada anda, untuk mendapatkan maklum balas daripada anda, menilai permohonan anda untuk mendaftar untuk penggunaan atau langganan Laman Web, [untuk menyediakan perkhidmatan kepada anda], mentadbir penyertaan anda dalam pertandingan, menjalankan aktiviti dalaman, selidik pasaran dan analisis trend, aktiviti-aktiviti perniagaan Guiness Anchor Marketing Sdn Bhd sah yang lain, dan apa-apa tujuan lain yang berkaitan dengan perkara di atas [dan/atau seperti yang dinyatakan dalam Laman-Laman Media Sosial dan jika terpakai, terma dan syarat pertandingan] (secara kolektif, “Maksud-Maksud”)

Berkenaan dengan data peribadi yang telah dikumpulkan daripada laman web jenama kami, ia adalah wajib untuk anda memberikan kepada kami nama, tarikh lahir dan butir-butir hubungan anda. Jika anda gagal untuk memberikan kami data peribadi wajib tersebut, kami boleh enggan untuk memproses data peribadi anda untuk mana-mana Maksud-maksud tersebut.

Kami mungkin menzahirkan data peribadi anda kepada perbadanan-perbadanan berkaitan kami, pembekal perkhidmatan, rakan-rakan perniagaan, dan mana-mana jabatan-jabatan dan/atau agensi-agensi kerajaan, badan-badan kawalselia dan/atau berkanun sebagaimana dan apabila dikehendaki oleh mana-mana undang-undang atau peraturan-peraturan.

Dengan menyatakan “liking” di halaman Facebook jenama kami, atau mengikuti kami di Instagram atau Twitter jenama kami, atau melanggani saluran YouTube jenama kami atau dengan menyerahkan data peribadi anda melalui halaman pendaftaran laman web jenama kami atau sebaliknya menyatakan atau memberikan petunjuk yang sama minat anda kepada kami dalam Laman-Laman Media Sosial lain, anda dengan ini bersetuju bahawa anda telah membaca Notis ini dan memberi persetujuan untuk pengumpulan dan pemprosesan selanjutnya data peribadi anda dalam Laman-Laman Media Sosial berkenaan mengikut cara yang dinyatakan dalam Notis ini. Melainkan anda telah meminta kami untuk tidak berbuat sedemikian, kami akan menghubungi anda dengan mengirim, menghantar mesej atau menghantar e-mel kepada anda berkenaan apa-apa tawaran atau promosi berhubung dengan acara-acara, produk dan perkhidmatan yang akan datang. Jika anda tidak ingin menerima mana-mana tawaran atau promosi ini, atau ingin membuat permintaan mengakses data, permintaan pembetulan data, untuk mengehadkan pemprosesan data peribadi anda, atau menghubungi kami dengan apa-apa pertanyaan atau aduan berkenaan dengan data peribadi anda, anda boleh berbuat demikian ke:

Perjawatan: Pengurus
No. Telefon: (603) 7861 4688
Alamat E-mel:

Anda bertanggungjawab untuk memastikan bahawa maklumat yang anda berikan kami adalah tepat, lengkap, tidak mengelirukan dan terkini.

Notis ini hendaklah didrafkan dalam Bahasa Inggeris serta dalam Bahasa Malaysia. Sekiranya terdapat ketidakseragaman di antara versi Bahasa Inggeris dan Bahasa Malaysia ke atas Notis ini, maka versi Bahasa Inggeris akan digunakan.



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