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Brewing a better world

Brewing a better world - Heineken
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Brewing a better world

As a worldwide known brand that is served in 192 countries, Heineken® takes responsibility and aims to be sustainable in everything we do. By protecting water resources, reducing CO2 emissions, sourcing sustainably and advocating responsible consumption, we are 'brewing a better world'.

Brewing a better world

Farming in a sustainable manner

Heineken® is brewed from pure malted barley. 67% of all the barley and 97% of hops comes from sustainable sources, and in France we’re already at 100%. We’re busy with the farmers to get to that level everywhere.

The barley grains that are left over after brewing beer, are not wasted. It’s used to feed cattle; they love it.

Renewable energy

At our Den Bosch (NL) brew house, we opened in 2019 the world’s largest solar panel park on the site of a brewery. In Austria we now have 2 breweries working on 100% renewable energy.

Barley Field

Recycling as much as possible

We minimize the amount of material we use, and all our carton packs are FSC certified “green”. Glass (bottles 57% recycled glass) and aluminium (cans 48% recycled aluminium) are natural materials and can be endlessly recycled. In Brazil our cans are already made out of more than 95% recycled aluminium.

Heineken beer cans
Brewing a better world

Making Heineken® greener

Green is our signature colour. Thanks to Gerard Heineken. Around 1900 he choose a green bottle, instead of a regular brown one, to express the fresh, natural character of his beer.
Now, 120 years later, Heineken® is still fresh, with purely natural ingredients, and becoming even greener.

If you’re interested in more details and background, please visit our sustainability story

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