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What is Heineken Live?
Heineken LIVE brings your city to life, unlocking a world of exclusive rewards and possibilities. By downloading Heineken LIVE, you’ll be in the know with what’s happening at your favourite Heineken venues around town and receive exclusive bar offers and experiences in real time. The more you go out to Heineken venues, the more rewards you can unlock through earning status points, and the more spontaneous Surprise and Delight offers you may receive. With Heineken LIVE, the more you go out in your city, the more your city unlocks for you.
How does the app work?
The app uses Bluetooth and GPS to enhance the experiences you have in your city through sending you real time offers and rewards based on your location, so you’re always in the know about what’s happening around you. To get the most from Heineken LIVE, make sure your Bluetooth and notifications are turned on.
What makes Heineken LIVE unique?
Heineken LIVE is the first app of its kind to be launched in New Zealand, and is so much more than just a venue finder. Every time you go out in a city throughout New Zealand, you’ll be in the know with what’s happening around you and be able to unlock more offers and potential rewards to amplify your city experience. Through Heineken LIVE, Heineken is delivering world-class experiences on Kiwi soil.
What does the app offer for users outside of city centres?
The Heineken LIVE app enhances ‘going out’ experiences nationwide. By downloading the app, you’ll be in the know about all the offers available at Heineken venues nearby.

If you’re not in close proximity to a Heineken venue, you may still get rewards just for being on the app through Heineken’s Surprise and Delight scheme.
Why isn’t the app running properly on my phone?
Bluetooth switched on? 
To get all the offers available through Star Serve Outlets, make sure the Bluetooth is activated on your device.  
Compatible devices 
Due to the Bluetooth detection technology required to run the Heineken LIVE app, you will need an Apple iPhone 5 + or Samsung Galaxy S5 + (or equivalent Android device) in order to use it and to register for the Cities Promotion. If your phone does not support this technology, you can still enter the Cities Promotion by registering here
• Hard shut down and restart etc. 
If you do have a recent smartphone but the app is still not functioning correctly, try shutting down the app and restarting your device. If you still have any issues, please email for support. 

Why haven’t I received any offers?
If you haven’t heard from LIVE about offers, there might be a few reasons for it. Firstly check your Bluetooth and notifications are both on so you’re in the know about what’s on offer in your area.

Offers are available at different times throughout the day from Heineken venues only. If you’re not hearing from the LIVE app, it may be because venues in your proximity don’t have anything available at that time. 

If you’re using the app when you’re out, you might not get a push notification of the offers available to you. To stay in the know, check the notifications page in app, and the venue page relevant to your location to see what offers are available, and if you have any rewards to redeem. The more you go out, the more rewards you may unlock. 
Why doesn’t the map move as I walk?
The Heineken LIVE app doesn’t track your movements in real time. When the map screen opens, it gives you a screenshot of all the venues in your proximity. If you need to see more venues or venues in different locations, please shift your way around the map.
How do I earn venue points and rewards?
You earn venue points each time you visit a Heineken Star Serve venue. Whether you’re there for quiz night, casual after-work drink or to get together with friends, you’ll get points unique to each venue every time you visit. Depending on the venue, the number of points required to level up to regular and VIP status differs however after 10 visits to a unique venue you should reach regular status.

If you would like more information on the exact number of visits required to level up for a specific Heineken venue, please ask at the relevant venue for specific details.
How do I earn Heineken Status points and rewards?
Heineken Status points are accrued each time you visit a Heineken Star Serve venue. Every time you visit a venue, you accrue 1 x Heineken Status point and start shifting your way up the three tiers – Green, Red & Gold. The higher your Heineken Status points are, the more rewards you are eligible to unlock. 

To reach Heineken Red Status, you need to accrue 15 Heineken Status Points, and will reach Gold Status after accruing 25 Heineken Status points. 

However, to preserve your points, you will need to visit at least one Heineken venue every three months.  If you don’t use Heineken LIVE for more than three months, all points accrued at that stage will zero out and you will need to start the accruement process again. 

Heineken Surprise and Delight rewards are available to all app users. As a general guide, Green Status members may unlock rewards to the value of approximately $200, Red Status members may unlock rewards up to the value of approximately $1,000, and Gold Status users may unlock rewards up to the value of approximately $5,000. 
What are some of the rewards, benefits, special experiences on offer for app users?
We (Heineken) are giving away $500,000 worth of prizes in 2016. 
There are a multitude of rewards and benefits to using Heineken LIVE, from food and beverage vouchers to VIP tickets to events and even surprise experiences like on-the-spot flights around the country. 
Do I have to drink Heineken to benefit from Heineken LIVE?
Heineken LIVE encourages users to get out and discover their city, not drink Heineken. Points are accumulated and rewards are given for the number of times users are out and in venues – not the amount they drink (or if they drink at all).
How do I redeem offers and reward?
• Offers
Some offers don’t require a click to redeem functionality and are messages sent to your phone so you’re in the know about what’s happening around you. At any time, you can turn off these notifications at the bottom of each venue screen.
• Tap to redeem rewards 
Some offers and rewards are valid for one time use only and require you and the reward provider to tap to redeem. Please make sure you read the instructions around each reward for redemption details and have the provider complete the final tap to redeem. 
• Code based rewards 
Some offers, such as UBER credits, can be redeemed using a code. All details on code-based rewards will be explained through offer messaging.

Please note, redemption of all offers and rewards are at the providor’s discretion. 
What should I do if I’m having trouble redeeming an offer or reward?
If for any reason, you have technical issues that inhibit you from redeeming a reward or offer, please email
How much of my information is Heineken tracking?
Name, age, email address, location and mobile phone number.
What will Heineken do with the data from the app?
Please refer to the Heineken LIVE privacy policy.
How do I turn off the notifications for Heineken LIVE?
You can switch off all notifications for Heineken LIVE in your phone settings. If it’s just one venue you don’t want to hear from, you can turn off notifications at the bottom of the individual venue screen page. 

If your query hasn’t been answered or you would like to give feedback on the app, please contact
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