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Heineken Draught Keg


Can’t get to a bar? So bring the bar to you.

Nutritional values PER 100 ML

Nutritional values

PER 100 ML

ENERGY 176kJ / 42 kcal
FAT 0 g
SALT <0.01 g

About DraughtKeg

The DraughtKeg is filled with five litres of fresh and refreshing draught Heineken. Just raise your glass, tap and pour. Party? Barbeque? The big match? Serve your guests the perfect glass of smooth, cold Heineken.


The beauty of brewing

The beauty of brewing is that it’s a natural process, enhanced by craftsmanship to create the perfect beverage. All lagers contain three main ingredients which, when yeast is added, are magically transformed into the brew we all know and love.


About DraughtKeg

The Heineken Draughtkeg is a five-litre keg full of premium Heineken beer. It has an integrated carbon dioxide cartridge that allows you to enjoy fresh, draught beer whenever and wherever you choose. This means you can now enjoy genuine draught beer at home, at parties, barbecues, birthdays, at the beach, on boat trips – anywhere you like. The DraughtKeg is an easy-to-carry, instant draught beer system that’s also really easy to use, and the empty keg can be easily disposed of after use.

An integrated carbon dioxide cartridge is an internal pressure system, which makes it possible to produce real draught beer because the beer is drawn from the keg "under pressure".

The pressure system – which includes a small tube with active carbon dioxide – keeps the beer under constant pressure. This relatively small cylinder contains more than enough carbon dioxide to completely empty the keg. It’s also equipped with a control valve that maintains the pressure in the DraughtKeg at approximately 1.0 bar. With consistently good pressure, the beer can be drawn via the beer line attached inside the DraughtKeg. All you have to do is tap and pour cold, fresh, quality Heineken to share with your friends.

The DraughtKeg is extremely easy to use. Look for the symbols on the keg that explain how it works, and you’re just a few easy steps away from being able to pour and enjoy your own draught beer. For more detailed instructions, check the booklet in the blisterpack on top of your DraughtKeg.

You can store your DraughtKeg for up to nine months unopened. Even after you’ve tapped it for the first time, the Heineken beer inside your DraughtKeg will stay fresh for up to 30 days.

This really depends on you and the size of the glasses you’re using. On average, a DraughtKeg will give you 20 draught beers when you’re using 25 centilitre glasses.

In principle, yes. We do, however, recommend that you check the DraughtKeg as luggage rather than taking it on board as carry-on luggage.

A maximum of 35 degrees Celsius. If it is exposed to temperatures higher than 35°C, the keg will first begin to swell. If it becomes even warmer, the keg rim around the lid will become loose, which will cause beer or foam to leak from the DraughtKeg. However, the keg cannot explode and does not pose any serious hazards.

Yes, the packaging is 100% recyclable. It is also extremely efficient considering that one single keg holds five litres of beer. For easy disposal, the empty packaging with the tap pipe can also be thrown out with the household garbage.

Like all Heineken packaging, the DraughtKeg and its parts meet the most stringent food safety requirements.

This is usually because your DraughtKeg is not cold enough. It must be placed in the refrigerator for at least 10 hours to ensure the temperature of the beer in the keg is around 5°C. Even though the keg usually feels cold to the touch when it’s refrigerated, this is because the metal exterior becomes cold much more quickly – it doesn't always mean that the beer is actually cold enough. For the perfect pour, make sure you open the tap pipe quickly and completely when drawing beer.

The first glass can contain more foam because the line in the keg that carries the beer to the top of the keg is filled with carbon dioxide before you tap it. If the beer is cold enough, your second glass should be perfect. If your keg was shaken too much when it was being juggled into position, or while it was on its way to you, let it settle for a while in the fridge to keep it cold.

We apologise for this, but it does happen occasionally. The best thing to do is remove the tap pipe from the keg and put it on again to draw a new beer.