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0.0 Medium Heineken
Heineken 0.0

That moment you couldn't have a beer... Now you can

Great taste, zero alcohol

Heineken 0.0

Brewing a great tasting 0.0% alcohol lager beer, is it even possible?

It wasn't easy, but not impossible. Our master brewers started from zero and spent years exploring, brewing, and tasting before they finally created a recipe defined by its refreshing fruity notes and soft malty body - prefectly balanced. One that deserves the Heineken mark. Of course with the uncompromising Heineken characteristics since 1873: natural ingredients and Heineken's unique A-Yeast.

One 0.0 Please!
Heineken beer 0.0 zero man at boat
Heineken 0.0


Now you can

Heineken 0.0 is alcohol free and tastes great. This opens up lots of possibilities. All of them refreshing.

Ice-cold beer post-hot-yoga class? Now you can.
Before driving? Now you can.
While writing something like this? Now you can.
Beer O’Clock just got revamped to 24 hours.

So no matter what you’re doing, where you’re doing it or when, you can enjoy an ice-cold, delicious Heineken 0.0.

Heineken 00 05
Heineken 0.0

During lunch at work?

Now you can

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