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Enjoy Heineken Responsibly

Heineken when you drive never drink

Enjoy Heineken Responsibly

“Enjoy Heineken Responsibly” is our commitment to encourage the enjoyment of beer, responsibly and in moderation, as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Encouraging responsibility

Actively encouraging a responsible attitude

As an industry leader with a global business, HEINEKEN has an active role to play in promoting responsible and moderate consumption. We have made a commitment to make moderate consumption aspirational through the Heineken® brand and our ongoing pledge is to spend at least 10% of our marketing budget on Responsible Consumption campaigns.

Practical tips to enjoy responsibly

Moderate drinking at the right time, in the right place and for the right reasons is the best advice. But we have some more tips for you.


What we do to enjoy responsibly

Heineken 00 two bottles at the beach

What we do to enjoy responsibly

Enjoy Heineken Responsibly

Our iconic logo

All of our primary and secondary packaging, as well as communication materials and merchandise at the point of consumption, include the Enjoy Heineken Responsibly logo. This means the Enjoy Heineken Responsibly message is on hundreds of millions of bottles, cans, trays, beer mats… wherever you can enjoy a refreshing Heineken.

Enjoy Responsibly
Enjoy Heineken Responsibly

Responsible consumption at all our events

We partner with the world’s most exciting sporting and music events, and we use the reach of our global sponsorships with UEFA, Formula 1 and Formula E to speak to millions of consumers around the world with our moderation message.

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Enjoy Heineken Responsibly - when you drive never drink

Our products

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We have a dedicated page on our company website regarding drinking responsibly and the potential health effects of alcohol consumption, which can be found here Alcohol and health | The HEINEKEN Company