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New Heineken Silver

All the Taste. No Bitter Endings.


Heineken Silver.

Good things deserve to end well. Whether it's a game of football. A night out with friends. An epic movie. Or a beer. That's what's so special about Heineken Silver. Its crisp and refreshing taste with 3.2 Carbs and 95 Cals means it always ends on a high note, and never on a bitter one.

And what better way to show that than with a ferocious and furious Viking king, who has a change of heart.

HUSA Silver 15 US Worldclass EC Clean Wborders 540P 12Fps
Introducing the high end of light beer. With all the taste, and no bitter endings. Heineken Silver is World-Class Light Beer with only 3.2 grams of carbs and 95 calories. Enjoy responsibly.

Introducing Heineken Silver: World-Class Light Beer

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