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World-Class Light Beer


About Heineken® Silver

Heineken® Silver is a crisp and refreshing lager beer that delivers on taste and quality. Brewed at 4.0% ABV, Heineken Silver is the solution for those who love a good quality beer but don’t want to feel too full or weighed down after enjoying a few

With a full bodied yet refreshing taste, Heineken® Silver contains 95 calories and 2.9g carbs per 12oz serving, at 4% alcohol by volume.

Heineken® Silver features all the same premium ingredients people love from our Original recipe. What makes Heineken® Silver different is the ice-cold lagering process. By lagering Heineken® Silver at -1°C, more cold haze is allowed to form and be filtered out. This removes proteins and rough-tasting tannins, leaving a delightfully refreshing taste that’s accessible and easy to drink.

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Heineken Silver Can Bottle V3

Heineken Silver®

A crisp and refreshing World-Class Light Beer with 2.9 carbs and 95 calories.