H41 Wild Lager

Discover a new breed of lager

Why is it Wild?

Wild Lager exists because of a groundbreaking discovery: wild yeast. First found as the result of a happy accident in Patagonia, wild yeast is uncultivated and untamed, meaning it’s hard to brew with but creates a lager that tastes like nothing before.


Wild lagers are brewed with wild yeasts found in remote places in the world, which make them fuller bodied than regular lagers, but still crisp and easy drink. H41’s taste is slightly sweet, with herbal spicy notes balanced by subtle hints of fresh tropical fruit. Aftertaste is smooth but persistent.

Willem talks Wild Lager

What makes it wild?

The yeast is a wild creature. It took two years
for us to tame it and create Wild Lager.


Wild Lager is rarer than most.

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